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Tech SPA

Tech Spa is a place where you can truly experience what a healthy work-life balance means.

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About us

Tech Spa is a place where you can truly experience what a healthy work-life balance means.

A cozy environment for relaxation, stylish and quiet co-living spaces and functional and motivating collaboration spaces have been created – these are places for your personal growth and inspiration, community gatherings, new acquaintances or just relaxation.

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I liked that the co-working space is neat and bright, there are opportunities to work both in the office and on the sofa. The fact that there is a kitchen and a coffee machine (where would we be without it :)) And of course, your presence, communication and answers to all the necessary questions <3


Druskininkai is a place where you can truly experience what a healthy life-work balance means.

We have curated an inviting atmosphere that fosters relaxation and encourages personal growth, while also providing stylish and tranquil co-living spaces and functional collaboration areas that inspire creativity and productivity. Our spaces are ideal for community gatherings, fostering new acquaintances, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Tech SPA Druskininkai

Location for productive work

Co-working Tech Spa Druskininkai


A place where you can find comfortable workplaces for anyone who wants them from just 15 EUR/day

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Co - Living

Co-living and private apartment rooms are suitable for everyone who appreciates good rest and productive work!


The infrastructure is fully prepared for high-quality and efficient work: workshops, creative workshops, strategic sessions or even team building events!

The ideal place for your team

Tech SPA summer terrace

Are you planning summer events and looking for an exclusive place?

Why Tech SPA

The only such place in Lithuania

We work all year round, so you can visit us any day, even on weekends or holidays!

For a healthy rest
For creative workshops
For team building
For strategic sessions


Tech SPA

This is a location where you will find everything for productive work and quality rest