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Tech SPA Workation in Lithuania

A place where you can truly experience what a healthy work-life balance means.

About Tech Spa – it’s the newest project in Druskininkai, creating an innovative work and recreation complex in one location. In this exclusive space, Tech Zity companies are responsible for managing Tech Spa and implementing two crucial areas of activity. Firstly, they constantly improve the professional co-working space, creating a pleasant and efficient working environment. Secondly, they develop new and modern living spaces that ensure comfort and a high quality of life.

Tech Spa brings together all of these elements to ensure the utmost comfort for its guests. It offers not only comfortable workplaces but also inspiring recreation studios where individuals can unleash their creativity. Moreover, Tech Spa fosters a sense of community that inspires and connects people. Within its premises, you will find various spaces where you can socialize and share experiences with others. Find out more about Tech Spa by clicking the button below.

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Tech SPA double apartments

Tech SPA quadruple apartments

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Tech SPA Fully equipped kitchens

Tech SPA Go3 mini cinema

Tech SPA Summer Terrace - inner courtyard

Tech SPA III floor Terrace

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